Why FMS And Vehicle Video Telematics Is Critical to Your Fleet’s Health And Safety Compliance

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Fleet Management Software (FMS) as well as vehicle video telematics are a critical part of ensuring that your fleet vehicles, and those who drive them from point A to point B, comply with all health and safety requirements. Years ago large fleets of trucks were managed by a combination of trust and two-way radios, which left a lot of room for error. These days installing Autocam Video Telematics and fleet vehicle tracking devices, as well as the implementation of FMS solutions, are the best way to ensure that your fleet complies with every health and safety regulation.

Proactive Measures for the Prevention of Health and Safety Incidents

While effective in providing accurate footage post-road accident, and evidence for insurance claims, FMS solutions and video telematics do more than just play a role in post-health and safety processes and incidents. This software is effective in preventing health and safety incidents and avoiding hazards. And isn’t it better to rather be proactive than reactive? We think so.

Keeping the vehicles and drivers within your fleet safe and complying with regulations is important to ensuring every vehicle, and every driver, is kept safe and sound whilst on the road. So, what are the hazards you need to be aware of? How will FMS and every solution within this comprehensive management system sidestep that which you do not want to encounter? Read more to find out.

Untrained Drivers Shouldn’t Think and Drive

Having a person behind the wheel who is untrained or showcases bad driving behaviour, even with a license in hand, can be detrimental to your fleet vehicle. While thinking they can drive, and drive well, they open up the door – or should we say vehicle door, to road accidents, health risks for him or herself and safety risks for the vehicle they’re about to drive.

Prevent the inevitable that comes with putting a risky driver behind the wheel by implementing suitable controls which eliminate or minimise risks. A comprehensive Fleet Management Solution will enable Owners and Operators to implement driver training where necessary, and amplify operational efficiency through driver risk assessments and infringement monitoring.

By thoroughly assessing drivers’ risks and providing sufficient training, those operating your prized vehicle assets will be sure to arrive alive and in an unharmed fleet vehicle. Making use of incident reporting will also ensure incidents are drastically minimized, if not completed avoided altogether, and that road rage and speeding never happens on the road.

The Road is Long so Make Sure you Have a Fleet Vehicle for the Job

Fleet vehicles drive long distances. And when the road is long, make sure it can go the distance. Driving off-road, travelling for miles on lengthy routes and driving through many terrains and weather conditions opens up a health and safety can of worms. By implementing suitable FMS controls and using the best fit-for-purpose vehicle for long journeys, any and all hazards can be eliminated.

Tracking and Communication Sees Many a Safe Arrival

An intelligent FMS solution will assist Owners and Operators to adhere to health and safety regulations through helpful real time updates with drivers, and by using a combination of the best possible hardware and a quality FMS solution owners can track the precise location of their vehicles ensuring the safe arrival of both driver and vehicle.

Be Proactive About Your Fleet. Contact Us, Let’s Meet

Proven time and again, fleet management software is vital to your fleet’s health and safety compliance. Contact Autocam Air today to find out more about improving your operational business productivity by implementing our cost effective, reliable Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions.

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