What is Mobile DVR?

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Mobile DVR is a great way for businesses to keep a watchful eye over their off-site assets and employees, with certain differences between these and regular DVRs.

Many people confuse general-purpose DVRs with mobile DVRs, but the fact is that mobile DVRs, unlike regular DVRs, are designed specifically for installation and use in vehicles such as trucks, buses, subways, and others. They are built to provide continuous recording without the risk of failure, with the ability to withstand factors unique to vehicles such as vibrations and unstable power supplies.

Here are some of the other differences that make mobile DVR ideal for use in vehicle environments.

Adaptability to Power Supply

Here are some of the other differences that make mobile DVR ideal for use in vehicle environments. Mobile DVRs draw their power from the vehicle’s power supply, which is typically unstable, particularly during ignition and braking that results in lower voltage. Mobile DVRs are built to remain fully functional regardless of power surges and spikes.

Vibration Resistance

Vehicles that are in motion also vibrate frequently, which is unavoidable. These vibrations can cause damage to the internal components of regular DVRs that aren’t built to handle them. However, mobile DVR systems will contain materials such as wire rope to help keep all parts intact regardless of vibration.

Prevention of Dust Buildup and Overheating

Mobile DVR devices are typically installed in tight areas where the risk of overheating is greater, which is why they’re designed with this in mind. While they don’t utilize fans because of the risk of creating an opening in which dust can gather, they are often built with aluminum, which is a metal that effectively dissipates heat and blocks dust.

Real-Time Data Collection and Transmission

In the case of older mobile DVR devices, data transmission used to be the weakest aspect of these systems. Today, technology has developed to the point where transmission and real-time data and images are of consistently high quality with some of the best devices and firmware. With the introduction of 3G and 4G networks, many new functions are also available, allowing mobile DVRs to capture video and metrics such as speed, brakes, location, and inertial and speed measurements.

Consider Getting a Mobile DVR for Fleet Management

These are some of the key benefits that come with mobile DVR systems compared to regular DVR. You can utilize mobile DVR with dash cams installed across your entire fleet, with high-quality video and accurate data collected and made ready for presentation. Systems such as the Autocam Air FMS can provide you with everything you need to track your vehicles and other assets, with devices specifically designed for mobile environments.

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