What is fleet management software and why does it matter?

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If you’re making use of a collection of vehicles in your line of work then fleet management is what you need. How you do this is by utilising fleet management software? This is your best tool for keeping your finger on the pulse and staying up to speed. Here is how the fleet management software works and why it’s such a necessity.

What Is Fleet Management?

Fleet management is the streamlining of protocols regarding all vehicular movements and operations. This is done through the coordination and supervision of your fleet, the logistics therein and all other information surrounding your non-current vehicular assets. Before your eyes glaze over, something that’s worth knowing here is that fleet management is more than just tracking vehicles on a map.

Within this process aspects such as accident management, health and safety regulations, disposal management, maintenance and more are covered. If you choose to use fleet management services and software, all this and more will be at your disposal via one application.

Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software is the technology that does most of the heavy lifting within fleet management. It is an application that assists with organising, managing and coordinating vehicles from a central watchtower system. This keeps the overall operation involving the fleet running smoothly. The aim of this software is to ensure government regulation compliance, reduce costs and improve performance.

Key Functions

A few standard functions that this software includes are:

  • GPS tracking
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Route planning and optimisation
  • Scheduling and dispatch
  • Cargo optimisation
  • Quote and price management

This software allows management and dispatchers to record real-time data during fleet operation and it makes sure that efficiency and safety are covered through the use of data collection on breaks, idling time, speeding and routes for each driver to compile profiles.

This software holds more than just mapping capabilities, it also provides remote access control if ever the need arises. This includes limiting speed, slowing a vehicle and more. The remote security features are great for insurance purposes as stolen assets and cargo can be GPS tracked.


Basically, what this software does for you is, keep track of your assets, record data, improve productivity, offer insurance, license management and more. This reduces cost and potential damage to your property without needing an entire fleet of staff members to do it.

To learn more about fleet management, FMS, tracking, telematics and dashcams, contact us anytime here at Autocam and we will guide you to the latest technologies and offer up to date advice on how it’s all used. Let us make managing your fleet easier for you today.

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