The Most Common Driver Errors as Revealed by Video Footage

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Vehicle telematics has grown in popularity across the globe in recent years. The core functions have been the recording of information about vehicles such as monitoring the movements, location, status and behaviour of the vehicle. Now, with video telematics included in the mix, we can monitor the behaviour of fleet drivers’ as well as the behaviour of other vehicles on the road using interior and exterior dashcam solutions.

The benefits of vehicle video telematics technology are practically endless and incredibly valuable within the consumer and fleet management space. From GPS tracking, monitoring driving to emergency warning systems and stolen vehicle recovery, everything you need for fleet management solutions is covered under vehicle telematics.

The experts at Autocam, with their vast experience in video telematics, have been witness to many driving-related events such as over-speeding, over-revving, harsh braking and harsh acceleration which may lead to road accidents. In this blog, they provide helpful details about the most common driver errors, which have been revealed by video footage.

Start with The Driver

There are many causes of road accidents: driver distractions, careless or reckless driving, loss of control, excessive speed and more. The most common cause of accidents is essentially driver error – we are only human after-all.

Of course, road accidents are costly to everyone involved in the crash, insurance companies, emergency service units and the owners of the vehicles, whether the vehicles are private or used for business purposes. Not to mention the cost of human life and suffering when the accident results in injury or death.

Video telematics allows for a visual account of an accident, allowing for errors to be identified easily not only for record purposes but primarily for educational purposes and reactive reasons to help ensure that the accident / event doesn’t re-occur.

Video Footage Reveals Shocking Driver Behaviour

Inconsiderate drivers endanger not only themselves but also the lives of fellow road users. Autocam has seen many videos revealing shocking road behaviour.

These include events such as drivers attempting to overtake multiple vehicles despite oncoming traffic, forcing other drivers to slam on breaks in an attempt to avoid a disastrous crash.

Distracted driving is another all too common driver error seen on video, leading to delayed reactions and in so many cases, rear-end accidents. The lesson: drivers must always minimise distractions while on the road.

Reckless driving includes behaviour such as tailgating, aggressive driving, changing lanes too quickly and even road rage. Autocam advises drivers to be vigilant, remain calm, keep a safe following distance from vehicles ahead and always use turn signals.

Speeding and skipping red lights or stop signs contributes significantly to the number of road accidents. Both are considered reckless driving. Speed limits and traffic control exist for a good reason and observing them contributes to the driver’s safety and that of all other road users.

With video telematics revealing more of these common driver errors, it’s possible to coach drivers more effectively, saving costs and lives as well.

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