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We strive to provide nothing short of excellent customer service. In order for us to better serve you, we kindly request that you take the time to create an Autocam account. This helps us to assess your requirements and assign your account to an Autocam representative who will further assist you. An account also provides access to live support, detailed product information, downloadable product material, demonstrations, tutorials, pricing, quotations and more.

*Please note that you cannot use your Air FMS credentials to log in to an Autocam account! If you have Air FMS credentials, please create an Autocam account by selecting “Existing customer”.

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Founded in 2015, Autocam Technology Company had a vision of transforming the traditional approach to mobile asset/fleet management by means of tracking and telematics devices, MDVR’s and dashcams.


We envisaged a powerful tool for a complex task – a combination of the essential elements of traditional systems coupled with advancements in video and internet technologies – further enhanced by own innovation and experience in the industry.