Dashcam And Video Footage: A Beneficial Force to Be Reckoned With

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The benefits of dashcams and video footage have been blogged about for ages. While we at Autocam have written the praises of dashcams and spoken much of the benefits of video footage from dashcams, we’re not set on stopping anytime soon. And why would we when the benefits can’t be praised enough, without further ado, here is some vital information all fleet managers and owners should be aware of.

Video Footage Identifies Safety Risks, Promotes Training & Decreases Costs

Video footage alone does not make a fleet safer. Still, as a fleet management solution, it does effectively identify risks associated with safety and allows the video viewer to take action and reduce such risks. Lower risk equals increased safety. Reducing safety risk enhances the safety of the vehicle and the driver. A driver’s skills and abilities will affect a fleet’s collision frequency and with video footage from dashcams, risk factors can easily be seen on the video, shown to the driver, and substantially reduced in the future.

You see, what dashcams and video footage does is delivers actionable data. Actionable data being the optimum word here. It’s this actionable data which can be used to coach and educate drivers, better than any written manual or document could ever do. And an educated driver means fewer accidents, and this means a safe drive without the additional costs associated with accidents. Better drivers result in increased fleet performance!

And… the benefits keep on coming!

Drivers will benefit even further with specific video footage highlighting visual evidence of their skills and high-risk habits. Through visual confirmation, and safety training, driving events and the severity of risks can be seen and understood, better than written recommendations and instructions.

Video Footage Ensures Driver Exoneration and Cuts Insurance Costs

Video-based solutions as a fleet management solution ensure drivers are left without blame, after an accident. Fleet managers can determine the party at fault within minutes and learn what transpired leading to the car or road accident. Exonerating a driver in such an immediate timeframe means costly claims against the company are avoided. Better yet, speedy confirmation enables fleet managers/owners to file its claim for damages in the nick of time!

Apart from costly collisions, paying out monthly insurance costs can rack up business expenses very quickly. As we know all, insurance costs for a fleet of vehicles can be extremely high. However, dashcams, as a fleet management solution, can reduce monthly insurance costs considerably. Fleets which employ risk management practices and operational safety, who boast enhanced compliance with standard operating procedures, take insurance to a whole new (lower) level.

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As leaders in the fleet management space, we understand dashcams and video footage are the correct fleet management solution to solve a variety of vehicle fleet issues. With dashcam and video footage, this beneficial force can be with you and all your drivers at all times. Contact us at Autocam Air for all your fleet management solutions or to inquire about our state-of-the-art and affordable dashcams and video solutions.

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