Dash Cams UK: Front Or Rear, Or Both?

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Are you considering getting a dash cam for your fleet management needs? We definitely support that idea as dash cams provide a wide range of benefits. However, should you buy a front cam, a rear cam or a system that provides both? As dash cam experts in the UK, we tell you our thoughts.

Front-Facing Dash Cams

Front-facing dash cameras are not as popular as rear facing ones, but do provide major benefits for vehicles with long bonnets/hoods, and for getting evidence in the case of car accidents. 

When it comes to fleet management, front-facing dash cams can give you an accurate idea about your driver’s capabilities and allow you to monitor their trip and progress, from a comfortable, forward-facing viewpoint.

Rear-Facing Dash Cams

Dash cams that offer a rear view are definitely the most popular. If you have a fleet of trucks, or other large vehicles, you may seriously want to consider installing rear view dash cams to make it easier to watch over your fleet and the transportation/security of your cargo. While front dash cams will tell you where your drivers are going, rear ones will show you where they’ve been.

Fleet Management Needs Four Eyes On The Road

While most dash cams offer a view of whatever is going on around you, at Autocam we offer dash cams and fleet management solutions that provide both front and rear views of your vehicle fleets.

Honestly speaking, the only way to ensure that you are covered from all angles is to purchase both front and rear dash cams for your fleet. No area of an accident or event will go unnoticed when both rear and front dash cams are watching.

To find out more about fleet management, FMS, vehicle tracking, vehicle telematics, and front and rear dash cams, contact us at Autocam today and we will introduce you to our latest technologies and offer you up to date instructions and guides. Let us make managing your fleet easier and safer!

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