Autocam VT-300SE


The Autocam VT-300SE fleet management solution is the commercial grade hardware component of our premium fleet management, tracking and fleet video solution. Thoughtfully engineered to overcome stubborn challenges in the fleet management space and to excel when operating in even the harshest environments.

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Fully Comprehensive Fleet Management Solution

  • Mobile Network Drive Recorder
  • Works with AIR FMS cloud
  • Supports 3G/4G/Wi-Fi/Tethering
  • Supports an additional 3rd channel
  • Optimised for large-scale deployment
  • Anti-Tamper design
  • Revolutionary tracking and fleet management

  • Telemetry is accompanied by video and other imagery
  • Realtime track and trace, realtime video streaming



Key Features

  • 3G / 4G Network Connection

    The VT-300SE uses 3G/4G to connect to AIR FMS. We offer a variety of compatible modems from companies such as Vodafone and Huawei. A built-in option is also available. Can be used independently or in combination with the Wi-Fi network option.

  • Wi-Fi

    The Wi-Fi option facilitates the connection to a hotspot (in vehicle router/modem, parking lot Wi-Fi, smartphone, etc.), providing internet connectivity and access to AIR FMS. The Wi-Fi option can be used independently or in conjunction with the 3G/4G option.

  • Inputs and Outputs

    The VT-300SE is able to send and receive digital I/O triggers or data via the micro USB port. Analogue I/O’s are also supported. We offer development and integration services for you to take full advantage of this feature.

  • GPS (GNSS)

    The VT-300SE uses the latest GPS technology to determine the precise location, speed and heading of the vehicle. This information is stored locally and transmitted to AIR FMS in real time. Compatible with all international GNSS standards.

  • Accelerometer

    The VT-300SE has a built in G-sensor to detect shocks and an accelerometer to detect harsh cornering, acceleration and breaking. It also has a temperature sensor, analogue and digital I/O’s.

  • 3 Channels (2+1)

    The VT-300SE has two built in lenses (road and in-cab) and supports an additional satellite camera to monitor additional areas such as rear view, fuel tanks and cargo areas. A range of additional cameras are available to choose from.

  • Video Out

    The VT-300SE can output real time video to display inside the vehicle, providing added awareness to the driver. Single and multi-channel views are available and auto switch to reverse channel.

  • Dual Micro SD Cards

    The VT-300SE is incredibly reliable in part because it can accommodate 2 X Micro SD cards, each with a maximum capacity of 128GB. SD card reliability issues are a rare occurrence with our proprietary Storage Media Management technology.

  • External Hard Disk

    The VT-300SE is compatible with Solid State Drives with a capacity of up to 1TB.  A Solid State Drive provides for added reliability and a recorded history in excess of 30 days. Ideal for applications requiring extended recording capacity.

  • LBP and Smart Power

    The Low Battery Protection feature ensures that the VT-300SE will not drain the vehicle battery even when configured as “always on”. Smart Power tools allow for numerous configurations according to the status of the ignition and power source.

  • Anti-Tamper / Tamper Detection

    The anti-tamper cover prevents unauthorised lens adjustments and restricts access to power, ports, cables and memory. The VT-300SE can detect lens covering when connected to AIR FMS and will immediately alert the relevant persons.

  • -20 ~ 85 Operating Temperature

    The VT-300SE can endure prolonged operation in high-temperature environments. The device has passed numerous 96-hour temperature tests at temperatures between -20℃ and +85℃.

Ports and Names