5 Reasons Why Video Footage Can Help Your Fleet Become More Productive Than Ever

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Maintaining control over a fleet and ensuring a comprehensive, streamlined process is a demanding task and one that requires integrated intelligence sources. In the past, control over each driver and truck was limited to two-way radio communication, and eventually, GPS tracking was introduced to aid fleet controllers in monitoring the activity and progress of each fleet member. Today, operational streamlining of fleet management has evolved into a far more precise, real-time process thanks to the introduction of vehicle telematics systems.

Incredibly in-depth information is now at your fingertips and with it comes a wealth of additional benefits which, when harnessed optimally, can optimise your organisation’s processes, cut down costs and provide you with peace of mind like never before. Here are five reasons why you should invest in vehicle fleet management software and telematics:

1) Increased Driver Accountability and Improved Driving Standards

The camera system installed into each vehicle features both a road-facing camera as well as a secondary camera that monitors in-cabin activity. This allows you to keep a constant eye on your drivers and ensure that they are driving responsibly and without distraction at any given time. Driver awareness of the monitoring system also vastly improves their driving behaviour and cuts down on negligent or incompetent conduct while they are on the road.

2) In-depth Insight into Driver Behaviour

The combined data provided by fleet management software will provide insight into each driver’s typical behaviour, including driving speeds, routes taken, frequency and length of stopovers as well as how well they abide by your organisation’s regulations. Should there be patterns or indications of risky driving behaviour such as speeding, hard cornering or harsh braking, you will have ample technical data in the form of video, GPS tracking, accelerometer readings, and other resources to affirm this.

3) Evidence in Case of Accidents or Road Incidents

Accidents and related liability claims come with the territory, but with a fleet equipped with video and other smart data tracking equipment, you will be able to rapidly verify who the guilty party is if an incident occurs. Furthermore, investigation time is vastly reduced, claims are finalised faster, and your insurance premiums are very likely to be reduced.

4) Compound Analytical Data of Fleet Logistics

With an all-encompassing, highly detailed eye on how your fleet operates, you will be able to identify and improve on areas which are not currently working optimally. This essential data supply will also aid you in identifying potential improvements in future and further streamline your logistical strategy.

5) Improved Operational Efficiency

Overall fleet operations can be optimally refined through analysing the data provided by fleet management software. This can benefit your company by lowering fuel costs, improving driver routes, reducing insurance premiums, gaining a more focused team of drivers who perform at optimal levels thanks to continuous monitoring management.

Whatever the size of your business or fleet, we are confident that investing in the best fleet management software will be of immense value and aid you in excelling to new levels of performance and reward.

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