5 Important Ways Fleet Monitoring Technology Can Save Your Company Money

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No matter what industry your company is in – transportation, public service, or even delivery – saving money where you can is a priority. Fleet monitoring and management technology may seem like an unnecessary expense. It is, however an investment when you consider the ways it can save you money over time. Here are five of the most important ones.


#1 – Keeping Up with Vehicle Maintenance

Fuel consumption is a top expense for companies that rely on fleets of vehicles. Today’s cars and trucks come with numerous features designed to reduce emissions and boost fuel mileage. While that’s beneficial, they only do their jobs when they are properly maintained. With the right fleet monitoring tools, you can keep up with maintenance and drastically reduce your company’s overall fuel costs.


#2 – Tracking Driver Behaviours and Habits

Taking good care of your fleet is one thing but tracking your drivers and their behaviours is something else entirely. It’s crucial that your team does their job correctly, including getting enough rest and driving while rested and alert. Using fleet monitoring technology, makes it easier to verify that your team is doing things the right way.


#3 – Assisting with Route Planning and Navigation

There’s a good chance you already have GPS installed in most of your fleet vehicles. It’s important that you make sure your drivers are using it. Fleet monitoring can not only help with ensuring that your drivers are spending less time stopped in traffic and idling, but it can also help you plan more effective routes in the future if your current routes seem to be taking too much time.


#4 – Providing Visual Evidence in an Accident

If your fleet monitoring technology doesn’t currently feature a dashcam that is trained on the road, it absolutely should. Accidents can and sometimes do happen, and rather than simply guessing who was at fault or relying on the testimony of an unreliable witness at the scene, a dashcam can show what really happened. If your driver was speeding or driving recklessly, this will be evident on the video. If your driver was simply a victim of someone else’s poor driving, this will be evident on the video, as well.


#5 – Appropriate Use of Your Vehicles

Insuring an entire fleet of vehicles is a huge expense, and in order to keep that cost down, it’s crucial for you to be certain that your vehicles are only being used for their intended purpose. Otherwise, if an accident should happen while a driver is utilizing a vehicle for personal errands or needs, not only will you be responsible for any costs, but your insurance premiums will go through the roof – or your insurer may even drop you altogether. Fleet monitoring allows you to see exactly where every vehicle is at any time of the day. This is a great way to keep costs low.

As you can see, fleet management is an investment that can save you money in many different ways. By keeping up with maintenance and tracking drivers’ routes, you can save money on fuel. What’s more, by ensuring vehicles are being used correctly and accidents are being recorded, you can put a stop to unnecessary expenses before they occur.

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