13 Things About Fleet Management You Didn’t Know, But Need To

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In today’s age, reliance on transportation systems is in massive demand. But how do companies even begin to keep track of their valued goods, drivers, and vehicles? Well, in 2020 there are some rather advanced systems available and companies would do themselves a massive service by implementing them. The tremendous responsibility of your fleet manager is just that, tremendous. Overall performance can be significantly increased by relying more on modern tracking systems such as dashcams and video telematics, which in a nutshell, supply critical vehicle fleet statistics and vital information straight to the fleet owner/manager. With so many excellent benefits that many have come to enjoy, there are a few interesting facts about fleet management that many do not know. Let us fill you in.

Fleet Management Keeps You Up To Date, Always

With live updates sent directly to your preferred technological device, whether PC, laptop mobile phone, you’ll be able to keep up to date, always. Data is readily available with GPS as well. Interesting to know, every time there is a change or ‘event’ related to a fleet vehicle, you receive system updates automatically, without the need to reload or manually refresh a page. Real-time dates, always.

Fleet Management Is Online

Many will not know that fleet management is all online – no need for timely downloads of software or inconvenient widget installations. The entire system is cloud-based, with users making use of a online dashboard for easy monitoring and online, efficient service. Fleet tracking with simple internet access makes for easy, convenient fleet management.

You Save On Significant Finances

So, advanced fleet management allows users to save up to 10% on fuel costs every year. Efficient route planning and driver monitoring helps to eliminate unnecessary side trips and helps to prevent drivers from being heavy on the gas!

Fleet Management Is Easy And Quick To Install

While many think that fleet management is a time-consuming, complicated task, it’s anything but, provided you have a proper system in place. Dashcam hardware devices can be quickly installed in vehicles on site or at service centres, making for a smooth and efficient setup process.

It is Great For Business And Your Bottom Line

Many people know the benefits, but  some fail to realise just how significant these benefits are. Happy, informed clients, sound fleet management systems, fuel savings, eliminated costly accidents, fuel consumption and driver safety, all contribute to a financially sound and blossoming fleet-based businesses.

Fleet Management Ensures A Tight Schedule 

Keeping an eye on your drivers, vehicles and logistics at the same time sounds like a dream, right? It’s all possible with vehicle telematics and FMS. But how to ensure that your schedule is met? Well, by knowing exactly where every obstacle is situated. Roadblock? No problem. Construction? Never fear. You will have the power to re-route your drivers around such obstacles that lie in their path ahead.

Improved Communication Throughout  

Never want to miss a thing? You don’t have to. With all statistics recorded and accounted for, you as the fleet owner / operator will be clued up from start to finish helping you provide correct training, reward, and feedback which is a vital part of keeping your drivers around for the long hall.  

Added Flexibility With Fleet Management 

Client changes their mind last minute? Another client pops up at random with an immediate request? Now drivers can make those stops with increased ability to communicate, allowing route changes and schedule shifts.  

Be Equipped With Regional Road Standards  

With added communication systems, clients may be sprawled all over the map. This is why your drivers need to adhere to all road standards which can vary from place to place. Have an immediate understanding of these standards and communicate them in real-time.  

Record Trips For Online Feedback  

Value honest reviews straight to your employees? It’s all possible as data is automatically recorded and placed online for your eyes or whoever seeks it out to then review and supply feedback.   

Records Are Automated 

Paperwork of any kind is a nightmare that is can be a stressful mess, even for managers with the highest organisational skills. Never log another piece of critical information incorrectly again with automatic data capture.

Every Single Bit Of Data Is Captured And Secure 

A good FMS solution records and secures vehicle fleet data ensuring no data is lost. Everything is tracked, allowing decision making for future improvements even easier, and helping businesses stay ahead of the game.

It Reduces Driver Turnover  

Keeping trained staff as long as possible is crucial to save time and reduce costs. Fleet Management Solutions allow fleet managers/owners/operators to always stay aligned with their driver’s needs and safety specifications of the business.

Contact us today for more information and we will help get you set up for a lifetime of successful fleet management.

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