13 Common Misconceptions About Dashcams, Fleet Management and Vehicle Video Telematics Revealed

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Think you know everything there is to know about all-things fleet management? Are you undecided as to whether or not you’re ready to invest in a fleet management system based on the amount of knowledge you have obtained? How much of what you know is accurate information rather than fake news? Here are 13 misconceptions we’d like to share with you, in case you had any doubts about what you’ve researched or read about so far.

All Fleet Management Systems Are The Same

There is a surplus of companies all over the world providing dashcams, fleet management services and vehicle video telematics, but while they may seem similar in nature and specs, all three products are very different. Sure, these products are relatively the same, however, software and telematics systems continue to change as they advance in technology and evolve through upgrades. Thorough inspection of different brands and those who offer these products will clearly showcase just how different each product is.

Legality Compromised

In various territories, it is a legislative requirement to look after the health and safety of your employees. Not only will a fleet management system assist with this but will assist with your legal compliance. With additional features such as a fatigue monitor, you as an employer can keep your employee’s safety a number one priority.

The Costs Are Greater Than The Reward

As with many business-related purchases nowadays, initial fees can be costly when buying something of value. It is, however, important to realize the benefits and monetary savings that can be gained from installing systems such as dashcams, fleet management services and vehicle video telematics. Below are a few examples of said benefits:

  1. Having an up-to-date monitoring system empowers drivers to make informed decisions which ultimately leads to higher productivity.
  2. Underdelivering due to overbooking or late delivery will be greatly avoided, allowing you to service your clients on time.
  3. Having a dashcam technology allows for video footage/proof of stock that has been tampered with, damaged or stolen and will reduce stock theft and subsequent loss.
  4. Having a monitoring system, you will be able to quickly and easily provide proof and ensure a quick turnaround time for your insurance payout in the event of a vehicle accident.
  5. Up to 40% of all fleet costs are due to fuel costs, company fleets making use of a fleet management system often show a significant reduction (from 10%) in fuel expenses.

Fleet Management Systems Are Just Glorified GPS’

Fleet management systems do not only offer GPS solutions but include video recordings and assist in monitoring and maintaining vehicles too. Many fleet management systems have a built-in G-sensor to detect shocks/events along with an accelerometer to detect harsh cornering, acceleration and breaking.

My Fleet Is Too Small

Whether you own a fleet of 300 or 3 vehicles, your fleet is never too small, in fact, the smaller the business the greater the need to lower your fleet expenses. By having a vehicle telematics system, you will be able to significantly reduce current costs.

There Is No Time For Installation Or Employee Training

There is always time! Installation of these products and systems is simple, easy and fast to do. It is beneficial to provide training for those who will use these systems and training can be effectively performed in a short space of time.

Fleet Management Systems Do Not Generate Revenue

By having a telematics system that can monitor your driving, you will be able to accurately log distances travelled as well as claim back that tax fringe benefit, without spending weeks flipping through logbooks and running the risk of losing out on tax claims. By monitoring and changing the behaviours of your drivers you will not only increase productivity but client retention, which means more business and an increase on your bottom line.

Fleet Management Systems Are The Same For Each Industry

With technological advances, telematics companies have been able to set specific reported data and install client-appropriate systems to maximize the needs specifically required by companies and minimise irrelevant products and features.

Fleet Management Reports Will Be Of No Use

Claiming back tax has never been easier than with a fleet management and reporting system. Reports are an intricate part of growing your business by spotting trends and evaluating where your costs and loses are, allowing for money-saving changes to be made easily.

Petrol Logbooks And Cell phone GPS Tracking Provide The Same Services

Manual entry becomes a full-time job, and mistakes are bound to happen. Having to remember when to service your vehicle and manage the upkeep of maintenance may be fine with three or four vehicles, however, as your fleet increases so will your need to be on top of the maintenance planning. This saves you hours of sifting through data to retrieve information as to who was driving which vehicle at what time. Case in point, petrol logbooks cover the amount of fuel used while GPS tracking covers the distance covered by the vehicle.

Logs From Telematics Systems Are Not Safe From Hackers

Whilst a viable concern, the best telematics and vehicle video telematics systems are fully encrypted, allowing peace of mind when utilizing the programs and knowing important data is safely stored.

GPS Trackers Makes Employees Think Bosses Do Not Trust Them

When implementing changes within a company it is advisable to research your employee’s attitudes and preconceived ideologies regarding the suggested changes. Psychologists have proven that ‘change management’ programs, as well as genuine employee involvement, greatly assists with employee retention, morale and job satisfaction

A Fleet Management System Does Not Improve Drivers’ Skills

Data collected from your fleet management system can be used to educate and up-skill your drivers not only for efficiency purposes but for driver safety too. Empowering your employees using the data provided allows your team to take greater pride in their duties. Knowing that their driving is monitored through these products will automatically create a more positive, focused and cautionary driver.

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